Shortly after buying Apps-It in 2016, Giracom reoriented the company to better focus its activities. By eliminating promotion services and the online store, Giracom focuses on managing social media, training in social media and adds the WordPress websites creation and Hosting.Giracom - Who we are

With these 4 services, Giracom is able to help a wide range of SMEs and organizations so that they can achieve their goals.

Why has Giracom decided to focus on these 4 services? Social media is a great tool to reach target audiences. But people often don’t know what to do to achieve it or they simply don’t have the time to do so. For social media to be effective in a communications strategy you must know what to put there and, especially, you must have the time to deal with it. So by providing training and management, we are able to help small businesses. As for web hosting, it is often an unnecessary burden for an entrepreneur who already has a lot to think about. Why not entrust the management of hosting to a specialist who will be able to make sure everything is up to date and working properly?

Values: It is built under the values of integrity and transparency that Giracom operates. And, of course, be as much environment friendly as possible.

Our mission: Helping SMEs and organizations improve their digital communications, especially via social media.