The 20 Most Used Social Media In 2019

Les 20 médias sociaux les plus utilisés en 2019

There are hundreds of social media platforms. But they are not all well known. Even among the most used, there are some that you probably don’t know. But do you know how many people are active on each of them? The numbers are quite impressive. If you’re still hesitant to […]

How to Create a Backup of Your Messages with Outlook

Comment faire un backup de vos courriel - une

Do you have a server where all your emails are stored? Would you like to create a backup of these messages? It’s not so obvious how doing it… Right? I, therefore, propose to explain the steps to get there. I don’t use Outlook to manage my emails. But to create […]

The 20 social media to know in 2020

Les 20 médias sociaux à connaitre en 2020 - une

There are tons of social media out there. But some are definitely worth knowing. As a new year starts, we present the 20 social media that we think are the most relevant to know. “Chat” platforms WhatsApp WhatsApp is a messaging app that allows users to share text messages, images, […]

How to change the ringtone for only one contact

Comment changer sonnerie pour une contact

Sometimes we want to have a specific phone ring for one person. Whether you want to have a love song when the loved one calls you, or a funny notification when your best friend sends you a text, know that not only is it possible, but it’s simple. Here’s what […]

How to add an admin to a Facebook page

Ajouter un admin Facebook - une

When you want to allow someone to manage a Facebook page, you have to give them access rights. And it’s not always easy to know where to go in order to give the right person the right access. Here is a video in which I explain how to add a […]

YouTube – Most popular Vids in Canada in 2018

YouTube le plus vues de 2018 - une

It is an end of the year requirement, making tops, compilations and best of. This year again, YouTube announces its most viewed videos for each country with its YouTube Rewind. What were the favorites of Canadians? Here are the top 10 trending videos of 2018 in Canada. To our Daughter […]

To Write or to Have Your Blog Written?

Blog interne ou externe - une

I’m often asked if it’s worth having a blog on a website. The answer is so simple: YES. What’s the point? Mainly 4 things: show your expertise, attract visitors (and customers) on your website, strengthen the referencing of the site and have something relevant to put on your social networks. […]

A website Mobile First, what does it mean?

SEO header

In recent weeks, we heard a lot about “Mobile First”. In fact, it’s since Google announced that its search engine would work according to the principle of Mobile First that the universe is trying to understand… Finally, Google has decided to clarify what this term means. A clarification in 7 […]

How to use hashtags

Hashtag - une

When I surf on various social media, I sometimes have bleeding eyes. The reason? The erroneous, sometimes even aberrant, use of hashtags (#). First of all, you should know that not all social networks allow them to be used. Then you also need to know that hashtags have a specific […]

Test Bench – Vero

Test bench - Vero - une

Every month, a new social media tries to break into the market. Most of the time, we do not even hear about it. Sometimes, some of them manage to get people to talk about them, but disappear after a while without really succeeding in breaking through. And rarely, a lucky […]