5 platforms to consider for your crowdfunding

Crowdfunding - Sociofinancement

There are several ways to find funding for your projects. You can borrow from the bank, you can ask a loved one to lend you a certain amount, you can find private investors and you can even apply for subsidies. But these options are not necessarily always the best. A […]

Test bench – Opera Reborn

Opera Reborn

Browsers are legion. Among the best known are Google Chrome, Microsoft Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Some like Explorer are about to disappear, and we will not be sad. Others have just arrived and others are fighting to position themselves among the bests. This is the case for […]

Travel Well with Google Trips

Google Trips - Rome

Digital helps to plan a trip. But when you are outside your country, you do not always have access to the Internet. So, often mobile applications are not as effective as they should be. But with Google Trips, this problem is largely settled. Offline functions Google Trips offers a version […]

Managing the time a child spends on the web

Google Family link

For several years now, one of the great worries of the parents has been the Internet access of their children. What do they do on the web? What do they do with their mobile devices? What do they search for on search engines? What content is proposed to them? Google […]

Meet Google Meet

Google Meet

The Google application family is growing again. This time, it is a new videoconferencing tool that targets the professional market. Meet Google Meet, a new member of Google Suite for Business. Why launch Meet while the company already owns Hangout and Allo? For two reasons. First, Allo targets the user […]

How to have more than 1 link in your Instagram bio


If you use Instagram, like me, maybe you find it a pity not to be able to insert more than one link in your bio. I am going to make you a more than amazing revelation. Incredible, in fact! Shhhhut. It is possible to put more than one link in […]

How to erase your data before selling your device


Changing phone is usually pleasant. But what to do with the old phone? You can destroy it, but you can also sell it. But before selling your smartphone, make sure to delete the personal data in it. Of course, there is the “Factory reset” option. Unfortunately, this option does not […]

While traveling: books or ereader?

Livres ou liseuse

If you are a book lover, one of the first things you take before you travel, is a good book. But if you go for more than a week, and you are a good reader, what are you doing? Books or eReader? I do not teach you anything if I […]

Using your Google docs offline

Google Drive hors ligne

You probably know Google Drive. You probably know that this is a kind of hard drive located in the “cloud”. But what many people do not know is that it is possible to access your documents without Internet access. But how to do it? First, you must foresee that you […]

How to change the order of your content on your Facebook page

Modifications ordre Facebook

A few weeks ago, Facebook changed the order of appearance of your content. It is therefore possible that your publications appear after your photos and competitions. Sometimes it can please you, but often it does not. But it is possible to change the order of your contents. Here’s what to […]