As an outdoor enthusiast, I have often had a problem with charging. Indeed, since our smartphones are used for virtually everything now, they are likely to run out quite quickly. When hiking, I use it as a camera, a map, a flashlight… But when I go for more than a day, I need to be able to charge my phone. But without electricity, what to do?

The solution? Solar power banks. So I decided to test two power banks to help you in your eventual choice.

I put it on video for you!

Here are the specific characteristics of each product

The X-Dneng solar charger

Powerful enough to charge a laptop up to 3 times;

Portable design: you can easily hang it on a bag with the hook;

Dual USB Fast Charging: The charger has 2 USB ports, one Type-C output and one micro USB output, allowing charging almost any device;

Easy to use LED flashlight;

Weight 460g.

Solar power bank in their boxesCharacteristics:

  • Battery type: Li-polymer battery.
  • Capacity: 22000 mAh.
  • Input: microphone 2.4 A, type C 3 A.
  • Output: DC 5 V / 3 A, type C 5 V / 3 A.
  • Solar panel: 5 V / 1.2 W.
  • Solar charge: max. 5V 300mAh.
  • AC charging time: about 8 hours.
  • Dimensions: 171 x 92.2 x 24.2 mm.
  • Weight: 460g.
  • Number of recharges: more than 500 times.

The solar charger from Gixvdcu

This solar panel can absorb light and transfer it into electricity, ideal for emergency use, perfect equipment for outdoor outings.

High Capacity 26800mAh: Built-in Li-polymer 26800mAh solar charger, enough to charge iPhone X 6 times, Samsung Galaxy S9 5 times, iPad Pro 2 times.

This solar battery has two USB ports, with 2.1A and 1.0A output, to charge two devices at the same time. Allows the battery to be fully recharged in 3.5 hours at 5 V 2.1 A.

Weight: 350 Grams

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