Bard will soon no longer be called Bard. This is what indicated a leaked document on X, which announces an upcoming update on February 7th. According to the document, Google’s chatbot will change its name to match its language model, Gemini.

And that’s not the only thing. In fact, just like ChatGPT Plus, a more powerful and paid version called Gemini Advanced will also be made available. This version will benefit from Gemini’s Ultra 1.0, which will make it much more capable of performing complex tasks such as coding, logical reasoning, following nuanced instructions, and creative collaboration.

Chat GPT

An app in the works

The price of this service is currently unknown. It will initially be optimized for English language exchanges and will be rolled out in nearly 150 countries worldwide. This is already exciting news for all avid AI users, and Google does not stop there with the announcements.

Indeed, as mentioned in the title, Google is taking advantage of this update to share information about a future Android and iOS application for Bard/Gemini. It will be initially offered in English, Japanese, and Korean, with more languages becoming available later on. Update that, apparently, European countries will be excluded from at the launch launch. The app is not planned to be accessible in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and the countries of the European Economic Area. But it should be available in Canada.

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