A website Mobile First, what does it mean?

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In recent weeks, we heard a lot about “Mobile First”. In fact, it’s since Google announced that its search engine would work according to the principle of Mobile First that the universe is trying to understand… Finally, Google has decided to clarify what this term means. A clarification in 7 […]

Travel Well with Google Trips

Google Trips - Rome

Digital helps to plan a trip. But when you are outside your country, you do not always have access to the Internet. So, often mobile applications are not as effective as they should be. But with Google Trips, this problem is largely settled. Offline functions Google Trips offers a version […]

Managing the time a child spends on the web

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For several years now, one of the great worries of the parents has been the Internet access of their children. What do they do on the web? What do they do with their mobile devices? What do they search for on search engines? What content is proposed to them? Google […]

Meet Google Meet

Google Meet

The Google application family is growing again. This time, it is a new videoconferencing tool that targets the professional market. Meet Google Meet, a new member of Google Suite for Business. Why launch Meet while the company already owns Hangout and Allo? For two reasons. First, Allo targets the user […]