In a few weeks, the Google Hangouts app will be permanently buried and replaced by Google Chat. Whether you like it or not, it doesn’t matter. The change will happen. But instead of waiting until the very end, you can turn on Chat now. Rather than being a full-fledged application, Chat happens to be a module of Gmail. It is, therefore, possible to use both at the same time in order to familiarize yourself with Google’s new baby.

Another interesting fact is that the web version (which you are probably using on your computer) is independent of the mobile version. We will therefore explain the two methods to you. We have prepared a short video tutorial for the mobile version (Android). But, first of all, we explain to you, with images to support it, how to make the change on the web version.

Replacing Hangouts with Chat on Gmail web

On your browser, open Gmail

Replacing Hangouts by Chat1

Click on the cogwheel

Replacing Hangouts by Chat 2

Select “See all parameters”

Replacing Hangouts by Chat 3

Then choose the “Chat and Meet” tab

Replacing Hangouts by Chat 4

In the Chat section, select the “Google Chat” radio button.

Replacing Hangouts by Chat 5

Click on “Save changes”.

Replacing Hangouts by Chat 6

Your Gmail is now in Workspace mode and should look like this

Replacing Hangouts by Chat 7

On the Gmail mobile app

You are now ready for the new Google workspace!

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