It is not sufficient to open a Facebook account to have clients flowing This is with the goal to help you maximize theThe list of our social media trainings effectiveness of your presence on social media that we offer our trainings.

Whether you are already on multiple platforms or you plan to join some of them, our training will instruct you and guide you in the right direction. When you take one of our courses, you are also entitled to assistance thereafter. You will not be left to yourself.

We currently offer 8 trainings, and others will be added soon. You can register either by the form at the bottom of this page, or by telephone.Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or if you want more information.

Here is the list of our courses:

* Please note that each training described is adaptable to your specific needs and that the description has for simple objective to define a starting point.

Our general trainings


Discover various social media: Presentation of multiple platforms: what they are for, what are their specific features and who are their audiences. There is much more than Facebook and Twitter. Presentation of examples for each platform. (Duration: 2h) – $130

Digital communication tools: Presentation of tools to improve internal and external communication in order to increase the efficiency of the organization, whether to communicate with nearby colleagues or to exchange with overseas partners. (Duration: 1h30) – $97.50

The social media management tools: Discover tools to help manage your social media to be the most effective. Post, monitor and analyse exchanges using available tools. (Duration: 1h30) – $97.50

Digital watch tools: Discover tools that will help you follow what is happening in your business field. Be the first informed about innovations and news. Be aware of what is being said about your organization. (Duration: 1h) – $65

Our specific trainings


We also offer specific training on one social network of your choice. These will allow you to answer the following questions:

  • What to know before creating your pages?
  • What informations are important for your target audience?
  • How to choose the right images and the right formats?
  • How to invite people to follow your new page?
  • How to create the administrator roles and who to name there?
  • How to fill the various parameters and what links to add?
  • How work the help pages?


Title of the training Description of the tool Main functions Specific content of the training
Creating a business page and a showcase page on LinkedIn


(Duration: 1h) – $65

A professional social media used for sharing your resumé, getting your skills recognized, and showing your expertise.
There was 433 millions in march 2016
  • To display jobs and volunteering
  • To search for potential candidates
  • To advertise information on professional networks
  • Users can find jobs, people and business opportunities or recommend them to their friends.
  • To follow different organizations and receive notices to be the first informed when opportunities arise
  • Job seekers can view business profiles and/or find someone in their network who could recommend them
  • Users can find out who visited their profile
In addition to the above list, you will learn:


  • The difference between a business page and a showcase page
  • Brand management
  • What is the admin center
What to publish on LinkedIn (Duration: 1h) – $65 See “Creating a business page and a showcase page on LinkedIn” See “Creating a business page and a showcase page on LinkedIn”
    • What type of information to post


    • How often to post


    • The type of language to use


  • How to use the tags
Creating a professional Facebook page (Duration: 1h30) – $97.50 Second most visited website in the world after Google, according to Alexa[3], Facebook had 1.65 billion active users on the 31st of march 2016 Facebook is an online social network that allows its users to post images, photos, videos, files and documents, exchange messages, join and create groups and use a variety of applications. The advantage for users is to hear about topics that interest them. The atmosphere is lighter than on other social networks, so it must be taken into account when publishing more serious content. In addition to the above list, you will learn:


  • What are the different page types
  • How to make sure the “About us” section is efficient
  • Why and how to link your website to your page
  • The Facebook community
  • The tone to use
Creating a professional Google+ page(Duration: 1h30) – $97.50 Google+ is the second largest social media in the world, after Facebook. It is based on interest and groups.
More than 300 millions of active users.
  • Google+ allows its users to post images, photos, videos, files and documents, exchange messages, join and create groups and use a large variety of applications and tools.
  • It is possible to create groups and to send them messages and content (photos, videos, other documents) that will be accessible only to them.
  • Google+ boosts web indexing (or internet indexing) and then your chances to appear on the first page on Google search.
In addition to the above list, you will learn:


  • Choosing the right type of profile
  • The possibility to link all of your digital tools
  • Choosing the right Google account
  • Google+ and the organic web indexing
Creating a good professional profile on Twitter(Duration: 1h) – $65 Twitter is considered like THE source where you can get the latest news
The network had 313 million users on the 30th of june 2016
  • Twitter allows you to share short messages (140 characters long) to your followers.
  • Twitter is especially followed by the journalistic community and influential people in their networks (influencers).
  • Use it for your product launches and special events.
In addition to the above list, you will learn:


  • How to use hashtags
  • How to personalize your color
  • How to use lists
  • How to use location tagging
Flickr from A to Z (Duration: 2h30) – $162.50 Flickr is a photo and video hosting type of service with over 87 million users and 6 billion photos. 3.5 million images are added every day. One can think of Flickr as a photo hosting service. This is a great way to show your products since you can integrate a Flickr gallery to your website. It lets you share your photos in high definition while protecting your ownership of these images. In addition to the above list, you will learn:


  • How photo searching works
  • How to import images
  • Album creation
  • Image sharing
  • How to integrate your images in WordPress
  • How to use metadata
  • How to use “extensions”
Writing on Medium:(Duration: 2h) – $130 This is a blog type platform that is increasingly popular. It will soon be possible to create its own website with it. This platform allows professionals and amateurs to write long articles, which are then grouped into collections, shared and recommended.
The objective of Medium is to create a platform that offers maximum visibility to texts regardless of their author to overcome the inherent difficulty for blogs to find a public.
  • How to create a profile
  • How to search for articles
  • How to write with the specific tools
  • How to upload a text from another website
  • What is a “Publication”
  • Understanding the stats
  • The mobile app
And many other trainings are also available.
* Possibility for web training with Hangout.
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