Not always easy for an artist to show his work. Let alone when you are not already known to the public. But thanks to digital, new ways to become known have appeared. Various digital platforms can then help you, whether you are a photographer, a videographer, a painter or a visual artist from one of the many other categories that exist or do not exist!

So we offer you a brief overview of some of these platforms.

For a videographer

You are a video artist? Your films do not have all the visibility they deserve? Here are some places where you can put your video or trailers in order to let the world enjoy your talents.

YouTube: It’s not a big secret, for sure. Google’s platform is now a must. It’s a place to host videos, a broadcast medium, and a place to create. It is also the most visited site in the world. Not to mention the fact that YouTube is designed to make videos easy to share.

Vimeo logoVimeo: This platform is becoming more and more the choice of film professionals. It is also a high quality video host that offers various possibilities. 4 packages are available, including a free one that is more than enough for most people. Vimeo also offers great opportunities in terms of security and different share levels (private, public, which can be disseminated to other sites or not…).

Behance: Adobe’s platform is for professionals in digital art. It does not offer hosting for videos, but it offers a place to show these works (mainly trailers).

Instagram logoInstagram: Facebook’ photo platform offers a beautiful place to get discovered. This is a platform that offers the best chances of being seen by strangers. A nice place to put snippets or “teaser” of a longer work.

For a photograph

You are an artist of photography? Your photos do not have as much visibility as they deserve? Here are some platforms that offer good visibility.

DeviantArt: This visual art specialized platform offers great opportunities for professional and amateur photographers. Its internal search engine (by keywords) provides good visibility for the work of artists who are not known.

Flickr logoFlickr: It’s like a YouTube for photography. A kind of image hosting site as much for photo search than for website integration.

Instagram: A popular social network, Instagram, when managed well, offers great opportunities to be seen. His system allows to discover (and thus to be found) totally unknown artists.

Behance: Adobe is a leader in the creative world, it is not surprising that its hosting platform has great potential. Its mobile version is also very interesting to carry around your portfolio with yourself, even without a web access.

Picfair: This website offers great exposure and above all a place to sell your photos.

For another type of visual artist

You make paintings, sculpture or even exceptional knitwear and would like to show your work? Here are some tools ideas to use.

Deviantart logoDeviantArt: This platform offers a wide variety of artistic categories in visual art: digital art, traditional art, photography, crafts, literature, animation, gifs, interface design, manga, etc. A large community and opportunities to have reviews on your works. It is also possible to sell on this site.

Pinterest: Being based on the sharing of images from everywhere, Pinterest is ideal for those who do crafts.

Whatever type of artist you are, know that there are ways to make yourself known, and, more importantly, to show your works.

If you want to learn how to use a social platform, you can take a look at our trainings.

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