Social HexagoneI imagine that I won’t teach you anything by saying that the vast majority of Quebeckers are on social platforms. More than 85% of Quebeckers consult content on social media on a regular basis. Yet, many SMEs persist in not being present. And if we focus on the 18-44 year olds, we’re talking about more than 96% of presence.

Given these figures, here are 7 reasons for a company to be present on social media.

1. To reach your customers and potential clients

Your customers gather and share information through social networks, making these channels powerful points of contact between you and your customers, and more importantly, with your potential customers. You should have a place beyond your website to interact with people where they are.

2. To make your brand alive

Obviously, you want to be at the top of the list when someone wants to buy a product or service in your field. But as the saying goes: far from the eyes, far from the heart. So, participate in the discussion by being present on social networks and creating attractive content on a regular basis. The social gives you the opportunity to capitalize on current trends.

3. To keep control over your reputation

Social media can help you retain customers. We see clients asking questions or romping on social networks and, when they can, they complain and cause damage to reputation. By maintaining an active presence on social media, you can answer their questions and respond to their concerns before any damage is done.

4. To manage your image

In the traditional media, a company is not always in control of its image. However, on social networks, it has ample time to show what it wants to show. Obviously, a concern for transparency is necessary. But it is a great opportunity to show the values of an organization.

5. To level the playing

Social media level the playing field between large and small businesses – and big and small budgets. A small, socially savvy company can compete with the biggest and gain market share. Social networking can be what makes the difference, helping you win positions against slowly evolving companies.

6. To drive traffic to your website

Having a presence on social media can improve your results when someone is looking for you (or your product or service) on the search engines. In addition, if you have new content on your website, such as blog posts, polls or videos, you can share it on social platforms so that people can enjoy it and then click on links to your website for more details. This will allow them to discover or better know your offer.

7. To reach mobile users

Social media are thought based on the mobile experience. Since more than 60% of people mainly use the internet from a mobile device, it is important for a business to be there.

Social media arrowNow that you know why being on social media is important, you just have to find where to start. You do not have to be on all platforms. Just to be on the right one.

If you are unsure of which social media to use, you can always start with Facebook. In Quebec, it is an easy choice. The vast majority of people are there. And if you want to maximize your efficiency, a simple training will suffice to know everything you will need to perform.

Now, all you have to do is to be creative.

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