When I surf on various social media, I sometimes have bleeding eyes. The reason? The erroneous, sometimes even aberrant, use of hashtags (#).

First of all, you should know that not all social networks allow them to be used. Then you also need to know that hashtags have a specific role. They are not just used to put a word or phrase in color.

On some platforms, the use of hashtags is essential. On others, it is more or less useful. And on some others, it just doesn’t work.

The “must”

For some social media, the use of hashtags is paramount. Here are some of them, and why:


Hashtag Instagram
A good use of hashtags on Instagram

With Instagram, the motto could be “the more, the better”. But do not put them anywhere. And most importantly, do not use anything. On average, we could say that we must put between 5 and 10 per publication. We can even put some in the bio.

The challenge is to find the right words to use. Especially on Instagram, where there are certain codes that insiders will use and that will make the difference. Here the choice of the right hashtags will make the difference between a post that is successful and one that misses.


Hashtag Twitter
A good use of hashtags on Twitter

On Twitter we say 2 or 3 hashtags per publication. And they are necessary. As publications pass quickly and disappear quickly, it is through the selection of the right words that people may see your publication if they are not connected within 2 minutes after your sharing.

The choice of words is perhaps less important than on Instagram. But again, the good word can make the difference between a publication that has 2 or 3 likes and 2 or 3 shares, and a post that gets about fifty each.


Vero is still a baby in the social media field. So, hashtags are important. Especially if you are just beginning. As long as you do not have a good number of subscribers, this is the only thing that will give you chances to be seen.

For the moment, there is still no real rule to follow. But I suggest avoiding abuse. so, try between 3 and 5 hashtags per post.


On Tumblr, it’s mainly through hashtags that we find what we are looking for. So, for your publications to be seen outside of your subscribers, you must absolutely put some.

Here, there is really no limit. But if we put too many, we risk a little frustration from the people who are already following us. So I suggest going with moderation: no more than 10.

The Why not

Sometimes hashtags are not absolutely necessary. But for some types of posts, they can help reach more people outside your network.


Facebook hashtags
Wrong use of hashtags on Facebook

It’s probably on Facebook that my eyes bleed most often. Perhaps because this is the platform where there are the most people who do not really understand the digital codes.

A hashtag is not used to write the name of your cat. It is not used to write an expression that only you know. It is not used to write a 15-word sentence. You just have to use it with keywords that could allow people outside your network to find your post. So, right away, if your publication is about something very personal, do not use hashtags.

On the other hand, if you are a company and you want to develop your public, then you have to use them. But by choosing the right words carefully. Having 15,000 subscribers is useless if they have no interest in your brand.


Ok… Google+. I never know what to suggest to people when this platform is mentioned. I still believe that a company must be there. I continue to use it and see interesting stuff. Keywords are not particularly necessary. But sometimes they can help. Especially if you hope to get people to discover your creations. But there are many more effective techniques on Google+. Maybe I can tell you about it later…

Hashtag Pinterest
Too many hashtags on Pinterest


Pinterest is a bit of a cloudy thing. The hashtags work. But few people use them because the search engine is very efficient and people search by themes.

But using them does not hurt. But, do not abuse. 1 or 2 per image is good enough.

The No, no and no


This brings me to LinkedIn… Here, it’s a no. They do not work anyway. So, avoid using apps that allow you to share on 3 or 4 places at the same time, with LinkedIn. Make a custom publication.

On LinkedIn, you have to bet on the activity with your network. This is the only way to show your content. And above all, be relevant. LinkedIn is not Facebook. It’s not the place for Cat videos and thoughts about life.

So the important thing to remember is relevance. Hashtags should be used to reach people. Not to show that you are able to write something that no one else has written before. So no #mistigri_the_cat_that_I_love!

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