Vero iconEvery month, a new social media tries to break into the market. Most of the time, we do not even hear about it. Sometimes, some of them manage to get people to talk about them, but disappear after a while without really succeeding in breaking through. And rarely, a lucky one succeeds in getting out and reaching the general public.

Vero could be one of those rare ones.

How Vero works

Vero - How works Vero
Sharing screen

Vero’s functioning is quite simple. Although it is mainly used by artists at the moment, the application wants a more generalist style. You can share simple comments, images, links, as well as visual or auditory material.

Just create an account, and activate it by confirming by email. The section of personal information is quite simple: a photo and a short bio. All that remains is to connect to other people or companies.

Then you can categorize your publications by themes or collections.

Why it rather than another?

Vero - Why itAlthough a priori Vero seems pretty similar to Facebook or other platforms, it has features that make it unique. And that may be what will make it succeed where many have failed.

First of all, there is no advertising. No, your newsfeed will not be a series of product announcements. It is more and more frustrating on Facebook. On Twitter, there is no escaping either. Here, the company says it never intends to advertise on the platform.

And the point that could attract the most users right now: Vero does not sell your personal data… But how does Vero make money? The point that could hurt it is there. For the moment, the social media is free. But soon there will be a starting fee for those who want to register. The model can work as long as the platform offers a good experience. How much will the service cost? This is not indicated yet. So do it fast if you want to take advantage of the “0” price.

Can it compete with Facebook?

Vero - Can it compete with FacebookThat’s the big question…

Vero - Peut-il rivaliserFacebook is a giant. But a shaken giant, right now. People are more and more concerned about their personal data. So, if Vero remains transparent and the data is actually kept private, there is a good chance of success.

The visual is beautiful. Much prettier than that of Facebook, Google + or Twitter. The turquoise and white on a black background gives an incredible finish.

At the subscriber level, the options are also quite different. People with whom we are in contact can be classified as close friends, friends or acquaintances. And if you do not know the person, but what they do interest you, you can just follow them.

And sharing options are also multiple. 6 options are available (in addition to the simple commentary): photo / video, link, music, film / tv, book and location.


So, the big question… to be there, or not to be there?

Me on Vero
My profile
Vero Giracom
Giracom profile

If you are an artist in visual art, register for sure. Otherwise, it depends on your level of curiosity. But I really believe that Vero has potential. I’m there and Giracom is there.

Come join us!


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