The big trend in terms of entertainment and information right now is podcasts. We find some on all topics: technology, sexuality, humor, politics, investigation… My favorite show is the first season of Serial.

But the question that comes up often is: which application should I use to listen to my podcasts?

Specialised in podcasts

Some sites / mobile apps specialize in podcasting. They can usually be listened to on the web, but are made to be listened to on mobile. Here are two of the most popular ones.

Stitcher Radio

Stitcher iconStitcher is tailor-made for your smartphone. You can listen to shows, you can “like” shows or episodes and you can follow themes. Your news page will show you the latest episodes of the shows you’re listening, and suggest shows related to what you like.

Stitcher does not put on the “flashy”. The look is rather bland. But the amount of shows is incredible. And you can save episodes for later listening. What I find really practical.

Podcast Addict

podcast addict iconWith Podcast Addict, you have an efficient player and a good database. There is a good amount of podcasts, even less known stuff. But it lacks big titles…

Here, the design is virtually absent. The search engine is not super effective if you search for very specific things. But the important options are there. You can save your programs, download them… But the interface is less “user friendly” than the other applications I’m talking about here. Personally, I do not adhere. But many like it.

The others

Sound Cloud

soundcloud iconSound Cloud is the giant. Mostly known for music, it also offers a nice selection of podcasts. In fact, it is quietly positioning itself as one of the leaders in the field. Why? Because it also offers a good hosting service. We could call it the YouTube of sound.

Its web version is just as attractive as its mobile version. Both platforms offer easy searches and a simple environment to master.

Sound Cloud is like the social network of music and podcasts. We can follow people, love their content, repost it and share it. However, you cannot save a program to listen to it later. Here, it is immediate consumption. I invite you, besides, to discover this podcast that we produce and which is called A Man’s POV.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio iconTuneIn Radio is basically an application where you can listen to an incredible amount of radio stations. But for some time now, you can also listen to podcasts.

And the selection is very good. And for French listeners, it’s the platform that offers the most beautiful variety. In any case, in all those I had the opportunity to try.

The design is rather pretty, without artifice, and the application is quite user friendly. The list of categories is really impressive. I really like the possibility to search by language. Again, I did not see that anywhere else.


But then, which one to choose?

No matter which of these four apps you choose, you’ll have something good. The choice must be made by interests.

If for you the podcast is an extension of the radio, TuneIn Radio is probably the one for you. Same thing if you are looking for programs that are not in English. On the other hand, if you like discovering new music as much as discovering new podcasts, then I suggest Sound Cloud.

But if you only want podcasts, go with Stitcher or Podcast Addict instead.

My suggestion: try them all. You will be better able to make the right choice. Maybe, like me, you will use more than one.

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