Changing phone is usually pleasant. But what to do with the old phone? You can destroy it, but you can also sell it. But before selling your smartphone, make sure to delete the personal data in it. Of course, there is the “Factory reset” option. Unfortunately, this option does not erase all personal data.

With the right tools, it is possible to recover the deleted information. So what to do? Here are 3 things that will help you prevent your personal data from being recovered.

Encrypt your phone

By encrypting your phone, you are sure to make the task more difficult for anyone who would want to recover your data. Encryption is, somehow, mixing up data to cover up the evidence. The data therefore become more difficult to trace.

Most devices using Android Marshmallow have an integrated option to do it simply. Just go to “Settings”, then “Security” and press “Encrypt phone”.

Then, by proceeding to the “Factory reset”, you will be assured that data will be virtually unrecoverable.

Replace your data with junk data

Now that the data is encrypted, you reactivate your device by completing the information with fake data. Except, this time, do not log on to any account.

To top it all, you shoot a video in which there is nothing else than black. A video that will fill the most possible memory.

Then, you finish by doing another “Factory reset”.


If the device contains sensitive data, you can repeat both operations. But in general, once is enough.

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