Rédaction blog interne ou externe - social mediaI’m often asked if it’s worth having a blog on a website. The answer is so simple: YES. What’s the point? Mainly 4 things: show your expertise, attract visitors (and customers) on your website, strengthen the referencing of the site and have something relevant to put on your social networks.

But is it better to write your own blog posts, or is it better to leave the writing to professional writers?

Why write internally

Writing your blog internally offers some benefits. Normally, internal people know their subject on their fingertips. So there is less research to do. In some areas, more complex, it is much easier to give this important task to an employee. He is on site and there is no extra expense.

However, this person must have the time to write good articles. And that’s not always easy. You cannot (usually) not ask someone who already has a busy schedule to take, in addition, time to write articles. It makes a lot more sense to have an employee in place, who is in charge of digital communications to do those tasks.

If you can have such a specialist, within the company itself, it’s ideal. Otherwise, you have to give this contract externally.

Why have it written externally

Having it written by a third-party company offers several advantages. It’s not everyone who writes well. And for a text to be good, beautiful and effective, it must be well written. By investing a few dollars externally, you make sure you have someone who writes well. And by focusing on a company that specializes in web writing, it’s even better. Not only will they be able to write a good article, but they will be able to adapt it to the web. And that, to attract customers, it’s very important.

writing a blog - seoWriting for the web has its own specificities. For example, there is an ideal length to ensure that the target audience reads it. There is also the SEO that has to be calculated if you want people to find your article. In digital writing, great importance is also placed on the title and subtitles. A specialist will manage all that so that your money is well invested.

Obviously, an outsider probably does not know the subject as well as you do. But it’s their job to research and make sure what they write is right. After that, all you have to do is re-read the text and propose adjustments, if necessary.

If you do not write at least one text each week (or more), the ideal is to give this kind of contract externally. A blog is not an expense, but an investment. It should be part of the advertising budget. Yes, a blog is marketing. It’s good for your image and it can bring customers.

But the ideal?

Obviously, the ideal is to have someone in house who writes at least one text per week. But not all companies can afford it.

But nowadays, it is essential for a company or an organization to have a blog. Take the time to incorporate it into your advertising budget. One text per month would be a minimum to achieve and would make a big difference in the long run. Especially if these texts are well written and optimized for the web.

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