There are hundreds of social media platforms. But they are not all well known. Even among the most used, there are some that you probably don’t know.

But do you know how many people are active on each of them? The numbers are quite impressive. If you’re still hesitant to believe that your business can actually reach customers through social media, here are some numbers for you. With the owners when there is another company behind.

Godzilla on youtube 23.5 million views in 2 days
Godzilla on youtube 23.5 million views in 2 days

The top 20 (active users each month)

  1. Facebook: 2.45 billion
  2. YouTube (Google): more than 2 billion
  3. WhatsApp (Facebook): more than 2 billion
  4. Messenger (Facebook): more than 1.3 billion
  5. WeChat: 1.133 billion
  6. Instagram (Facebook): 1 billion
  7. QQ: 808 million
  8. Qzone: 554 million
  9. TikTok: 525 million
  10. Sina weibo: 486 million
  11. Twitter: 330 million
  12. Reddit: 330 million
  13. Pinterest: 322 million
  14. Douban: 320 million
  15. LinkedIn (Microsoft): 310 million
  16. Skype (Microsoft): 300 million
  17. Snapchat: 210 million (per day)
  18. Viber: 260 million
  19. Line: 217 million
  20. Telegram: 200 million

It should be noted that several of these applications are mainly messaging apps. But they do have sharing options that cause them to be considered social media.

For pure fun, look at how many of these platforms you are on. It would be surprising if you are not on any of them…

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