You’ve probably heard of the importance of having an SSL certificate for your website. But why?

What does SSL mean?

Secure Socket Layer. In other words, your website is safe. People can move around, buy there, enter personal information without fear of being robbed or hacked. How? By creating an encrypted connection between the visitor’s browser and the server that hosts the website.

It is therefore unthinkable to have a digital store without this type of protection. Otherwise, nobody will want and should buy from you.

But I don’t have a store…

You should still purchase an SSL certificate. Why? To protect your users. And, simply, for the image. Google Chrome now displays “not safe” on all non protected websites in capital and red letters, and encourages users not to go there.

So, if you want to have traffic on your website, you should invest the few dollars a year that will offer you this protection. Once the SSL is in place, a small padlock will appear next to your URL, as well as HTTPS.

Is it complicated?

Yes and no. Buying the security certificate is very simple. The installation is a little more complex. If it is improperly installed, you will only have partial protection and the words “not secure” will still appear in gray (rather than in red).

It is therefore important to make sure, by choosing your host, that they will be able to offer and install an SSL certificate for you.

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