We are not used to talking about cinema. But since the new creation of the NFB is not really a film, we decided to take the opportunity to do so.

What is Motto

September is missing: but where did this ghost go? What do you learn from this quest? By meditating on memory, metaphors and the power of creativity, and by appealing to each of our senses, Motto gives birth to his own universe, fascinating and intimate, in which we never guess what will happen next.

Motto is a work of more than an hour presented in 6 separate chapters. It’s an interactive mobile web experience that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Take part in creation thanks to digital technology

Motto Me
Screenshot of my adventure in Motto

In this digital adventure, when he goes to discover Motto, the user finds himself in a world of creation of meaning and play. While a ghost story is being set up, he is asked to contribute the experience: a treasure hunt punctuated by small videos designed by the participants and each step of which offers an easy task to perform.

Thanks to its custom editing system, video detection on mobile browsers and analysis by online neural networks, this work integrates user videos into the story and applies visual effects and interactivity. From the outset, Motto’s creative team fed the work from their own collection of videos, including some surprising staging elements. The result is an experience combining traditional literary forms and the current language of short web videos, from Snapchat to TikTok and Instagram stories. Thus arises a non-linear riddle of some 2,000 pages made up of a dazzling set of amateur, anonymous videos, which is growing every day. And you can be a part of it!


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