There are several ways to find funding for your projects. You can borrow from the bank, you can ask a loved one to lend you a certain amount, you can find private investors and you can even apply for subsidies.

But these options are not necessarily always the best. A loan can be difficult to repay when you are in an artistic field. Not everyone knows someone who can or wants to invest their money to help their loved ones. And grants are often made for people who already have a lot of money. So what is left if you are an artist and money does not flow?

Why not trying crowdfunding?

How does it work?

First, we need to clarify one thing. Crowdfunding is not an easy way to fill your pockets. To succeed in a campaign, you have to invest in it thoroughly. But when time and work are well invested, it can pay off.

But before you get started, you have to make sure you choose the right platform. Each platform has its own specificities, strengths and weaknesses. Some even specialize in certain areas.

5 platforms to consider for an artist

Artists sometimes have different needs from other professionals. Crowdfunding is often an attractive option for them. And depending on what they do as an art form, the choice of platform might vary.

Here are 5 platforms of crowdfunding that can be effective if you are an artist:


kickstarter-logo-k-colorKickstarter is the best known and most popular crowdfunding site. There are more visitors, but there are also more projects. It can be considered a generalist. There is a little bit of everything.

Here, the possibilities are immense. But the challenge is great. You must succeed, more than anything else, to stand out. If the project is particularly interesting, and you are able to create something that will come out of the mass, Kickstarter may be the right place. It is also one of the places where we can find the most expensive projects. Due to the large number of users, it is possible to collect a larger amount than on most other platforms. But it is still necessary to make your project known. It will be in fierce competition…


Logo ululeUlule is the biggest crowdfunding site in Europe. But it is also very popular in Canada. On Ulule, there is a bit of everything too. But there are many more artists there. Many filmmakers fund their short films on it.

One of the big advantages of this platform is that it is possible to translate your campaign into several languages. This is the only site that offers this. Let’s say that if your project is not specifically targeted at the United States, it can be really interesting to create it in several languages.


indiegogo_logoIndiegogo is probably the number two in crowdfunding. Often mentioned as a “Kickstarter for geeks”, this site is particularly indicated if your project wants to reach, or it made for, the so-called geek community.

Indiegogo may not be the best platform for artists, but in some cases it may prove to be the most useful. You launch a digital project related to the arts? Take the time to look at what the Indiegogo team has to offer.

Kiss Kiss Bank Bank

Kiss Kiss Bank Bank - logoWith Kiss Kiss Bank Bank, we are returning to Europe. And here, we are particularly interested in artists. This platform is less known, so collecting large amounts can prove very difficult. On the other hand, if your project does not require a large monetary investment, Kiss Bank Bank is perhaps the best choice.

There may be fewer visitors each day, but there is also less competition.


Patreon logoPatreon does not work the same way as the other platforms I’ve talked to you so far. Here, they do not finance a single project, but rather an artist, or a group of artists.

Here, we are talking about patronage. An artist or a creator can find people who are interested in what he does, and then get them to finance it. If the Patrons find the counterparts attractive, an artist can live on the money he acquires on Patreon.

Another specificity of this site: the financing is monthly or per project. But always in the long run. I encourage you, moreover, to visit my page. If you like what I do, you can subscribe to my feed, and maybe become one of my patrons.


In any case, for a crowdfunding campaign to be successful, you have to make the effort. If you are looking for an easy way to make money, you are better off buying a lottery ticket.

But if you are willing to work hard, this kind of funding can be worth it. You just have to choose the right platform.

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