2017 is coming to an end. And like every year, it’s time to look back on the last year. For us, it’s time to see what apps we liked to use during the year. The goal is not to tell you which are the 5 best apps on the planet. In any case, there are so many that it’s impossible to really say which ones are the best.

But, as it is now the tradition (a short tradition, we admit it), here are the 5 applications that we preferred in 2017…

Useful apps

Android Pay

Android_Pay_logoDo you like having an ultra thick and ultra heavy wallet? If you are an Android phone user, here is the solution.

A very simple application. You enter your credit cards and you can use Android Pay to pay in some stores. And, of course, everything is secure.


Patreon iconPerhaps you are already familiar with the Patreon crowdfunding platform… If so, I do not have much else to tell you that this is the mobile version of the website. It does allow you to follow more easily what is happening with the artists you follow, or with your “Patrons”.

If you do not know Patreon, I’ll explain. This platform allows you to follow artists or creators that you like or find interesting. It also allows you to become their patron. So you can, for a monthly amount that is paid to the artist, have access to rewards.

We invite you, besides, to discover our protégé

The games

Castle Clash

castle-clashOne of our favorites for two years already. We do not get tired of playing it. Sometimes even a little too much…

Build an army and attack your enemies. Ok, the army is not really useful. But you will have a lot of fun conquering with your multiple heroes.

Magic the Gathering : Puzzle Quest

Magic Puzzle questDo you like Magic The Gathering style card games? Do you like Candy Crush type of games? Well, here we have, in a way, the two together in one totally “addictive” game.

Collect cards and Planeswalker to triumph over your opponents.

The others

At Bat

At Bat logoThis is the official application of Major League Baseball (MLB). The application is almost as complete as the website. And you can project, thanks to Chromecast, the games on your TV.

One more tool to get rid of the cable…

So these are the apps we liked to use throughout 2017.

And what applications do you most like to use?

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