A blog post should, at least, be 350 words long. Otherwise, the search engines will ignore it. And it is good, in general, to avoid exceeding 1000 words. Otherwise, not many people will read your text. The consumption of digital content is thus made.

Length is not that important

No matter how long your blog post is, what really matters is the value of its content. The more relevant your content is, the more likely you are to have potential backlinks. And it’s those inbound links that will help you appear in the search engines faster.

But of course, the longer your post, the more opportunity you’ll have to put into important concepts for readers.

ahrefs has analyzed over 900 million pages to prove this data: the more the word count increases, the more backlinks there will be to the post, up to 1000 words. Then it decreases rapidly.


The moral of the story? You have to offer a certain amount of relevant information, but while remaining concise. Or as they say, too much is like not enough.


As for the organic research per se, the numbers show that the number of words does not matter. Rather, it’s the keywords that count. So you have to spend more time choosing the words you use than the amount of words you put in.

So what to do?

Before you start writing, take the time to pick out the important points. Then you have to find a way to say these things while keeping it succinct. If you finish your text and have less than 350 words, ask yourself if it’s worth writing on this topic. Also keep in mind that people are not looking for reading, but for information.

Another very good option is to pay a specialist to write for you. These people are experts at content creation and will know how to write your blog post so that it attracts as many readers as possible.

There is another point which is important. The more your content targets specialized people, the longer the text can be. If you expect everyone to read your post, don’t make it too long. More than 500 words could cause you to lose readers. But if you’re targeting people who specialize in a topic, you can get closer to 1000 words with no problem. Provided, of course, to be relevant.

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