How to have more than 1 link in your Instagram bio


If you use Instagram, like me, maybe you find it a pity not to be able to insert more than one link in your bio. I am going to make you a more than amazing revelation. Incredible, in fact! Shhhhut. It is possible to put more than one link in […]

How to erase your data before selling your device


Changing phone is usually pleasant. But what to do with the old phone? You can destroy it, but you can also sell it. But before selling your smartphone, make sure to delete the personal data in it. Of course, there is the “Factory reset” option. Unfortunately, this option does not […]

Using your Google docs offline

Google Drive hors ligne

You probably know Google Drive. You probably know that this is a kind of hard drive located in the “cloud”. But what many people do not know is that it is possible to access your documents without Internet access. But how to do it? First, you must foresee that you […]

How to change the order of your content on your Facebook page

Modifications ordre Facebook

A few weeks ago, Facebook changed the order of appearance of your content. It is therefore possible that your publications appear after your photos and competitions. Sometimes it can please you, but often it does not. But it is possible to change the order of your contents. Here’s what to […]

Collaborate with the Google Office suite

Collaborer avec Google drive

There was a time when collaborating on a work meant “sitting in the same room.” But now, not only have we no longer need to be in the same room to work together, but we do not even need to be in the same building, or even in the same […]

7 reasons to be on social media

Mosaïque de médias sociaux

I imagine that I won’t teach you anything by saying that the vast majority of Quebeckers are on social platforms. More than 85% of Quebeckers consult content on social media on a regular basis. Yet, many SMEs persist in not being present. And if we focus on the 18-44 year […]

Social marketing

Marketing social

Or the necessity of social media to get known Any company wishing to be known has to have a marketing plan. But what to do when you want to get people to discover your company, but the budget is limited or almost absent? Investing in social marketing. In 2016, if […]

How to create keyboard shortcuts on mobile

keyboard - clavier

Writing takes time… That’s why we try to write quickly. But this often leads to mistakes in the text. Sometimes it is simple grammar or spelling errors. Personally, it bothers me. But I understand that this is not the case for everyone. But sometimes we write so fast that we […]

Artist, show yourself

Pinceaux et couleur

Not always easy for an artist to show his work. Let alone when you are not already known to the public. But thanks to digital, new ways to become known have appeared. Various digital platforms can then help you, whether you are a photographer, a videographer, a painter or a […]